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Smart Home Sensor Kit for Arduino and Raspberry Pi

This is an excellent collection of sensors and components specially designed for smart home. No matter where you are, this smart home sensor kit (combined with Arduino or Raspberry) will allow you to control, monitor and protect your home....


【Smart Home Learning Kit】: The kit combines the most common electronic components for smart home projects, designed specially for beginners and also professionals who are interested in smart homes.
【Professional Smart Home Kit】: It comes with 20 kinds delicately selected sensor modules and F-F F-M M-M jumper wires. It can detect distance, temperature, air humidity, soil moisture, air pressure, sound, light, infrared, motion, vibration, digital touch, air pressure, smoke, natural gas and other data that is often needed at home.
【Updated】: Adopted the real needs of our customers, we have chosen some more advanced modules, such as more accurate BME280 (not DHT11), more powerful light intensity module (not photosensitive sensor), active buzzer (not passive buzzer). And add more useful modules, like LCD1602 screen, HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Module, SG90 Servo Motor, Soil Moisture Sensor, ADS1115 ADC Converter, Infrared Wireless Remote Control Kit, Motor and Small Fan.
【Compatibility】: This updated smart home kit is compatible for Arduino UNO R3 / Mega2560 / Mega328 / Nano / Raspberry Pi 3. It could DIY 20 basic projects and you can also design more complex projects according to your need.
Packing list:
1. Touch Sensor Module
2. HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Module
3. MQ2 Smoke Sensor Module
4. MQ5 Natural Gas Sensor
5. Active Buzzer Module
6. Vibration Sensor Module
7. Sound sensor module
8. Light Intensity Sensor
9. Two-way Relay Module
10. ADS1115 ADC Converter
11. LCD1602 Display Adapter
12. SG90 Servo Motor
13. LCD1602 Display
14. HC-SR501 Infrared Sensor Module
15. Soil Moisture Sensor
16. Water Sensor Module
17. BM280 Temperature/Humidity/Pressure Sensor
18. Small Fan
19. 130 Motor
20. Infrared Wireless Remote Control Kit
21. 20pin Jumper wires F-F
22. 20pin Jumper wires M-F
23. 20pin Jumper wires M-M