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Electronics Components

Kit for Charging Board and Boost Converter

With this kit,you can easily DIY an output adjustable power supply, like 9V, 12V, 15V, 18V, 24V etc. ...


Charging Board:
Input interface: Micro USB
Input Voltage: 5V
Charging cut-off voltage: 4.2V±1%
Maximum charging current: 1A
Over-discharge protection voltage: 2.5V
Over-current protection current: 3A
Size: 26 x 17mm
Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aND0j2Y2IkM
➤The first time you access the battery, it may be no voltage between the output OUT + and OUT-. 
You only need to charge it by the 5V voltage in order to activate this board. 
Also you need to recharge it when cutting and starting from the battery B + B-.

MT3608 Boost Converter: 
Input voltage: 2V - 24V
Output voltage: 5V - 28V
Output current: Max 2A, suggest to use within 1A and use the heat sink when working for long hours.
Efficiency: > 93%
Size: 36 mm x 17 mm x 6.5 mm
➤This is a step-up converter. Only used to raise voltage, not to lower voltage. so the output voltage should be higher than the input voltage.
➤Please turn the potentiometer clockwise by more than 10 turns before test
➤Cannot select the maximum value of voltage and current as the output at the same time. When the output voltage is increased, the output current is reduced accordingly.

Battery Holder: 
Battery Type: 3.7V
Material: Durable Plastic
Size: 75 x 20 x 13mm
Wire Lead Length: 130mm (red and black)

Package includes: 
3 x MT3608 Module 
3 x Charging Module
5 x Battery Holder