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JSN-SR04T Integrated Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

The JSN-SR04T ultrasonic distance measuring module provides a measurement range of 20cm-600cm. Blind area is 20cm....


Product Features:
1. Small size, easy to use
2. Low voltage, low power consumption
3. High accuracy
4. Strong anti-jamming
5. Integrated with wire enclosed waterproof probe, suitable for wet, harsh measurement occasions.

1. Horizontal distance measuring
2. Obstacle avoidance, automatic control
3. When the object is close, it can be perceived
4. Traffic control
5. Security, industrial control
6. Artificial intelligence, and research

Basic Working Principle:
(1) Use IO port TRIG to trigger ranging, giving a minimum of 10us high level signal.
(2) The module automatically sends eight 40khz square waves to automatically detect whether there is a signal return.
(3) The distance can be calculated by the interval between the launch of the signal and the receipt of the echo signal.
Test distance = (high level time * speed of sound (340M/S)) /2

Technical Parameters:
Working voltage: DC 5V
Working current: <8mA
Acoustic emission frequency: 40khz
Farthest distance: 600cm
Nearest distance: 20cm
Distance accuracy: ±1cm
Resolution: about 1mm
Angle: 75 degrees
Input trigger signal: 1.TTL pulse over 10uS; 2. Serial port sends instruction 0X55
Output Echo signal: output pulse width level signal, or TTL.
Working temperature: -20℃ - +70℃
Module size: 42mm*29mm*12mm

Wire Connection:
1. 5V(positive power supply)
2. Trig (control site) RX
3. Echo (output end) TX
4. GND (negative power supply)