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Electronics Components

Double Sided Universal PCB Board

Double-sided PCB board is perfect for your DIY project...


  • More sizes to meet your different needs, there are 7 different sizes in this kit: 5pcs 2x8cm, 5pcs 3x7cm, 5pcs 4x6cm, 5pcs 5x7cm, 2pcs 7x9cm, 2pcs 8x12cm, 1pc 9x15cm.
  • Standard 2.54 mm (0.1 inch) hole pitch, compatible with all shields and breadboard hardware.
  • The pre-tinned plated holes on the board make it very handy to solder components and sensors.
  • Convenient to fix because of M2 mounting holes in each corner.
  • The high quality of glass fiber material and the great durability of the board can always meet you requirements in various situation.