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Bluetooth Wireless RF Transceiver HC-05 Module

★ Master-slave integration ★ The original chip corresponds to the master-slave integration function. Master-slave integration can switch between master and slave modes. Through AT command setting, you can select master mode or slave mode...


Module parameters:
- Size: 37.3mm * 15.5mm
- Input voltage: 3.6V-6V
- Working voltage: 3.3V
- With transparent heat shrink tube.
- If the circuit is reversed, the module will not work.
- Keep pressing the reset button and power on the Bluetooth module to enter AT mode.
- Any serial device with a communication format of "fixed baud rate, 8 data bits, and no parity" can directly replace the original wired serial port.
TXD: Transmitter, normal communication must be connected to RXD of another device.
RXD: The receiving end, normal communication must be connected to the TXD of another device.
During normal communication, its TXD is always connected to the RXD of the device.
Loopback test: The TXD is directly connected to RXD and it can test whether its sending and receiving are normal.