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4-Digit Digital Clock Kits for Soldering Learning

This is an interesting clock kit that can be used to demonstrate soldering techniques to beginners and kids that are interested in electronics. If you are a beginner at assembling and soldering, this kit would be a very good practice kit to hone your ...


(⊙_⊙)? You/your kids are interested in DIY electronics projects?
(⊙_⊙)? Wanna experience fantastic electronics soldering?
(⊙_⊙)? Wanna make e-learning more interesting and fun, and inspire children's talent and passion?
(⊙_⊙)? Racking your brains about the cool gifts to friends/kids?

o(≥v≤)o This ingenious DIY clock kit was born for it. It makes learning not a dull thing, but a great joy. You/your child will enjoy the fun of DIY electronics.

Supply voltage: 3V-5V. Recommended: 5V (The time is relatively accurate)
Chip: The new W79E2051 microcontroller. The chip is programmed, no further programming is required.

Size: 0.56 inch
Color: red digital tube
Number of digits: 4 digits

PCB board
Dimensions: 52mm* 42mm*1.2mm
Material: FR-4 high quality fiberglass board

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