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KeeYees Digital LED Temperature Controller Module - XH-W3001 Thermostat Switch with Waterproof Sensor Insulated Probe

High brightness digital display: 3-digit display with high brightness, highly recognizable and practical; Heating / Cooling Work Mode; Waterproof Insulated Probe; Insulated ABS plastic case....


Product parameters
- Product model: XH-W3001
- Temperature range: -50~110°C
- Temperature control range: -50~110°C
- Temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.2 °C
- Temperature control accuracy: ±0.1 °C
- Temperature input: NTC10K 1M waterproof Probe
- Input power: 12V /220V
- Output power: 120W / 1500W
- Output capacity: up to 10A
- Mounting hole distance: 73mm (aperture 4mm)
- Size: 60*45*31mm